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RWC – The Odds and the Favourites

The Rugby World Cup is set to kick off in a matter of days. Much anticipation is filling the air with excitement and hope, but also the promise of high earnings from the bookmakers. Sports betting is taking a dangerous

The Most Extraordinary Wins

The process is much the same for most. For some it is a process planned in the most delicate details, for others it is a spur of the moment decision made purely on emotion and gut feelings, yet it mostly

The Success Story of Amarillo Slim

One of the most famous American gamblers is Amarillo Slim which is the professional name for Thomas Auston Preston Jr. He became famed for his proposition bets and his poker skills. Preston was born in Arkansas on the 31st of

Winnings by Jon Price

Jon Price is one of the Huffing Post’s most frequent quests and he promotes his services to reach a much wider audience. One of his most ruthless marketing stunts is to share his pickings on air for free. Every time

Jon Price the Cash Cow

Jon Price the extraordinary guru of sports betting first discovers his talent when he gives his father’s friends tips on horse betting. Every prediction he makes turns out successful. He leaves home as a teenager to study at the New

Unbeatable Sports Betting Guru

Nobody beats Jon Price when it comes to sports betting. He is a terrific guru that uses a sound system to build his fortune. It allows him to predict sport event outcomes correctly. On the other hand, you’ve got to

One Billion Rand Bet by Heineken that More Will Switch To Its Beer

Heineken is one of many beers enjoyed by sports enthusiast when they sit down to enjoy a great game. Some opened the first beer when they placed their bet on their favourite team, while others light a fire and enjoy

Study Reveals Place Favoured by Rich Gen-Xers

Linda Bakhshian, a senior portfolio manager at Federated Investors, revealed the top places where Gen-Xers spend their cash on the real estate markets. The Gen-Xers or generation X is the generation preceding the millennials and following the baby boomers. Gen-Xers

The Seven Types of Sports Betters – Which One Describes You Best?

There are several ways in which punters are described, several main categories into which gamblers are classed. But when it comes to sports betters, there are seven main types. These include the Sharps, the High Rollers, there is also the

Accomplishment Has A Dissimilar Meaning to Each of Us – PART TWO

Success does mean different things to us all; some of us want tons of cash; others desire expensive things. It is also the primary motivation behind buying a lottery card or playing at online or land-based casinos. With enough money