Japan’s Success with COVID-19 Becomes Integral Focus

Coronavirus infections throughout Japan have been minimal since the pandemic broke out in January 2020. Those infection percentages are expected to increase exponentially throughout the next weeks, with healthcare experts and government politicians warning the public to prepare themselves for the worst. This follows after a Nurse from Tokyo travelled to Osaka, from the 1st most populated city in Japan to its 3rd. She attended a weekend performance of pop bands during Valentine Day’s Weekend. After returning to Tokyo, she’d become a confirmed infection of COVID-19.

Law enforcement and medical experts alerted individuals who attended these concerts, informing them to be tested immediately for the virus. It prompted for multiple infections to be confirmed, with the newly infected travelling to other shows throughout Osaka during Valentine’s Day Weekend. It prompted for 106 people to contract the virus, with nine being hospitalized. Osaka’s Governor confirmed that the outbreak was over by March 31st, with medical experts worldwide now reviewing how Japan limited their exposure. Japanese citizens are known for obeying government demands. It’s not surprising that once Self-Isolation Measures were implemented, the overwhelming majority remained home.

Detailed Information Reveals Further Spread

The Japanese Health Minister mentioned that even with the increased self-isolation, requirements for societies to remain active would prompt additional exposure of COVID-19. The Health Minister is expecting that confirmed infections will begin to skyrocket, with evidence from Healthcare Scientists indicating that coronavirus works similarly to influenza. This means things will seem better before the genuine impact is felt. Japanese citizens have become concerned by this announcement, with millions across this nation living in small apartments in large-scale buildings. The chance for infection to spread in these locations will become rampant, with healthcare professionals also concerned for these jurisdictions.

April 2nd marked the date that things began changing for Japan. It was confirmed that the International Olympic Committee would terminate the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games amidst COVID-19. This was the 1st sign that infections would begin spreading, with the overall community ignoring these warnings. The International Olympic Committee confirmed that the Tokyo Summer Games would be moved to 2021, allowing the city to resume their hosting capabilities.