Greyhound’s Success Drives Apple Deeper into Film

Inside sources with the Apple Company have indicated that their streaming division will begin to invest in films extensively. This follows after Greyhound was released to Apple TV+, a blockbuster movie that was initially produced by Sony Pictures. After significant success was seen with the release of Greyhound, Apple has been prompted to invest tenfold into cinema. Their decision comes sixteen days after Greyhound aired to millions worldwide, becoming the most massive opening weekend for Apple TV+ history.

Those connected with Apple indicated that 30% of viewers for Greyhound, a World War Two Drama, were new registrants behind their streaming service. Apple analysts had anticipated that they’d see a 14% new acquisition rate, with that prediction being doubled. Reports suggest that dozens of films will be released yearly moving forward, with Apple competing against cinemas for the acquisition of largescale Hollywood projects. Inside sources suspect that Apple won’t produce films, instead of purchasing them outright from studios like Paramount and Universal.

The Apple Company paid Sony Pictures $70 Million to acquire Greyhound. Nobody in Hollywood was aware that Apple was negotiating with Sony for the acquisition of Greyhound. It was known that the WWII Drama was postponed following an international pandemic, with its theatrical release anticipated later in 2020. Sony determined that wouldn’t be financially feasible & looked towards selling their Tom Hanks Directed & Produced film. When it was revealed that contracts between these two companies had been finalized, Tom Hanks expressed his formal disappointment. He suggested that viewers aren’t receiving the intended experience that is sustained with cinemas.

Apple is Fighting a Formidable Opponent

Inside sources clarifying the strategies of Apple TV+ comes after months of speculation regarding what this platform would become. An incredibly small library is available on Apple TV+, the lowest of all streaming services available in America. Without Apple introducing multiple films & TV series per year, any chances of this streaming service overtaking Netflix is impossible. Apple will find themselves struggling over numerous hurdles will increasing its library over the coming years. Multiple other streaming services are launching yearly, offering large & more exciting libraries. Apple must revolutionize its streaming platform to better account for their eco-system while providing a multitude of entertainment packages.