Winnings by Jon Price

Jon Price is one of the Huffing Post’s most frequent quests and he promotes his services to reach a much wider audience. One of his most ruthless marketing stunts is to share his pickings on air for free. Every time he appears on 60 Minutes or ESP he shares his predictions with the audience, who now follows his every move.

Eight Weeks of Picks Shared

He is often asked why he would actually share his betting picks for free with the audience and he answers that he wants the audience to make bets that could win. Once they enjoy the success they join his company for more winning picks. At one stage he shared his picks for eight weeks with the audience on-air and what is even more amazing is that every one of those where winning picks.

Jon Price The New Prophet

The unbelievers become his biggest fans and call Jon Price the prophet of winning picks. His picks speak louder than words and one that is simply astounding is the one million dollar bet on the Super Bowls XLIX Patriots-Seahawks match. Jon gloats about his huge wins and other bets that were of the same amount, it includes the one million dollar bet on the final in the NBA. He decides to split his bet and actually stake two million, and the win was his.

He placed a future bet in 2015 for Kansas City Royals to walk away as the winners form the World Series. He wagered $22,000 and got winning worth $264,000. Jon says it is not always easy to make the correct prediction and he also starts referring to himself at this stage as Napoleon. His plans for more opportunities to tackle continues as he has a constant hunger to win more. No one can be lucky every time, maybe once, or a thousand time if you Jon Price, but surely there comes a time when even he has to face a bit of bad luck. But when that happens to Price he deals with it in the opposite way than anyone else would do. Let’s call it the Jon-Price-way of dealing with bad luck, which is what we look at in our next or fourth article about the sports betting guru.