UK Betting Shops Shutdown During 2nd Lockdown

For a second time in 2020, betting locations throughout the United Kingdom & Great Britain are being forced to shut down their operations. This follows after the UK entered its second lockdown on November 5th. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all entertainment facilities, including betting shops, must shutdown effective immediately for public safety. This announcement has prompted significant concern that profit margins for brands like Ladbrokes, and William Hill will decrease to near bankruptcy volumes. Maintaining nearly one month of isolation from profits could financially destroy a company.

Responses from the “UK Betting & Gaming Council” hasn’t been positive, with sentiments evoking that the United Kingdom’s second lockdown isn’t based around science. Those sentiments are far from reality, with scientific evidence indicating that Covid cases in Great Britain & Ireland could exceed previous rates from March 2020. Increased infections will follow with the Flu Season & Winter, which typically creates weaker immune systems.

The Health & Social Care Department for Great Britain influenced the closure of betting shops. Government personnel requested the insight of HSCD, who evoked that customers of betting establishments are likely to sustain close quarters in enclosed spaces. Subsequently, those individuals have a high risk of catching Covid-19 & spreading it to others. It should be clarified that the overwhelming number of customers at betting shops are aged above sixty, which is the age group most at-risk.

The UK Betting & Gaming Council are disgusted with the forced lockdown. Elite sports like the Premier League, Formula One, and British Cricket have been permitted to sustain their operations. Prime Minister Boris Johnson cannot provide a viable reason towards the associated differences with these betting establishments & elite sports, other than profits being higher for institutions like the Premier League.

BHA Responds

Responses towards this decision were also seen from the British Horseracing Authority, who evoked that since Covid-19 became an international pandemic, they’ve continued to assist communities throughout their nation by creating reliable security measures. BHA clarified they’d done everything requested of them & still received a forced lockdown, showing the untrustworthy behaviour associated to parliament under the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Sentiments from the BHA ended by mentioning how 10+ thousand jobs across Britain are now at risk because of Boris Johnson.