Success After 40

Many people see their birthday as a reminder of another year past, with aspirations throughout the year distantly fading award. However, for those who look at life with a positive outlook as an adult at 40, there is still plenty of success available to be found. There have been numerous individuals who were successful after turning forty, leaving their former industry to reach new heights. We have looked at some of those individuals, from a man who inspired an entire generation to another who changed the way we eat, this review will show you that anything is possible at any age.

Successful Individuals

  • Stan Lee: Our first successful man was nearly about to turn forty when he changed his life Stan Lee drew and wrote his first comic, named the Fantastic Four, back in 1961. Stan has inspired millions worldwide since that first comic, with numerous characters he’s created becoming American icons. Stan Lee also creates Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2019, Stan Lee would pass away.
  • Samuel Jackson: At the age of 43, one of the greatest actors in Hollywood History made his first appearance on the silver screen. Samuel L. Jackson became a staple actor after appearing in Jungle Fever back in 1991. Since then he’s appeared in Star Wars films, the Marvel franchise, Pulp Fiction and many other notable films.
  • Harland Sanders: Kentucky Fried Chicken, it’s one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in North America. Most don’t know that it was created by Harland Sanders when he was 62 back in the 1950s. During the 60s he’d sell the corporation for $2 Million.
  • Ray Kroc: This is the man who franchised McDonald’s into the largest retail and fast-food corporation worldwide. Ray Kroc met the Mac McDonald and his brother back in the 1960s. After convincing the men to the franchise, he would take the McDonald’s name worldwide. When he founded McDonald’s, Ray Kroc was 52 years old. Today, his business serves more than 1 billion people daily.
  • Martha Stewart: The one woman to rule over the culinary arts and Wall Street is Martha Stewart. She became one of the most celebrated chefs in existence after the age of 40. Before starting Martha Stewart Living on Omni Media, she was a full-time model and a stockbroker. Today, Martha has relaunched her culinary products after spending months in prison. Stewart is now more than seventy and has no intentions to start another cooking show.