Steve Hansen Bidding All Black Farewell

This past weekend saw a moment of sheer shock in the world of professional rugby when the English Roses managed to defeat the mighty All Black during the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup 2019. This shock caused waves stretching far and wide from the loyal All Blacks fans to the bookmaker’s offices. The outcome was unexpected, and what was even more surprising is the way that the English national team received the All Black performance of their haka. A method for which many do criticize them now, and there is even a looming threat of a possible fine for their behaviour which some deem as disrespectful. Yet within the shadow of the controversy, there still a man, preparing to bid the team farewell from his position of head coach.

Many loyal fans of the mighty force in black consider Hansen to be the greatest coach in the glorious history of the All Black team. Whether this will be the case would largely be determined by the fact whether the New Zealand nationals will be able to secure the bronze medal in their clash against the team of Wales. This will finally settle the argument of whether the 60-year-old former policeman from Mosgiel is the greatest they ever had.

Hansen’s Many Victories

Hansen is still determined that he will leave on a winning note and that the All Blacks will walk away as victors over Wales. If this is the case, then this would be the 93rd won under Hansen’s guidance which stretched over seven years and 107 matches. This will leave the legend with 88.79% of victories during his career, and it would be considered as the best which any coach in New Zealand’s rugby history could ever deliver who has overseen more than 15 tests. This is an enormous accomplishment, one that was acknowledged even by his opposition on the field, Eddie Jones, who saluted Hansen as the greatest coach in All Black history after his team defeated the All Blacks on Saturday.

As at this moment, it is still a secret since no rumours have yet been confirmed, but it appears as of Hansen is leaving the All Black to take up a coaching position in Japan at the Toyota Verblitz. Before then his team is still planning on a proper farewell for their coach. A man often described by many as so much more than just that. Hansen’s legacy is nestled in much more than the vast number of victories behind his team’s name, but also for the way that they have carved out this legacy on the field. He always seemed to fancy as much more complex game than what was a usual trend, and through this complexity, the All Blacks managed to accumulate 199 tries in only eight years, by far exceeding any other team in test rugby. Indeed a legend leaving this great team behind.