Donald Trump Disregards Successful Coronavirus Data

Countries like New Zealand & South Korea have had notable success when battling the COVID-19 pandemic, which is thanks to civilian populations that committed to social distancing requirements. Other nations remain unsuccessful against their fight with the novel coronavirus, including the United States of America. Confirmed infections continue to rise with the limited quality of testing kits remaining, showing that America’s 1st wave never ended & continuously grew under the leadership of Donald Trump.

America’s President indicated last week that testing kits wouldn’t be supplied to America going forward, that the solution to avoiding increased infections of COVID-19 is to abolish all tests. American citizens that have continuously obeyed the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention were outraged by President Trump’s remarks. Citizens needing information on their health & wellbeing when contracting this infection won’t obtain any assistance if Donald Trump is victorious in limiting testing kids. The American Senate can overrule their President, demanding that civilians receive protection if desired.

The Misinformed American Leader

Responses from President Trump amid the backlash were childish. Donald remarked that 99% of COVID-19 Cases in the United States are harmless to the population. Considering that Trump is nearly 80, the implications of COVID-19 should be more present for Donald. Elderly populations are dying at significant rates from this virus. Mid-Age Infectants are likely to survive the novel coronavirus but have long-lasting side effects that could lead to Lung Cancer, Heart Attacks, Kidney Failure, Blood Clots, Brain Damage, and countless other problems.

Infectants aged between Ten to Fifty aren’t likely to die from the virus. However, those not within this “COVID Age Gap” can significantly at risk. Elderly populations face extinction in their hospitality homes, with newborns facing lifelong side effects or death from obtaining the coronavirus. The statements subsequently made by Donald Trump are incorrect, leading to nationwide misinformation that’ll prompt significant infections. It should be mentioned that America stands at 2.5 Million Infections, the most prominent seen worldwide.

Another factor adding to the increased numbers of COVID-19 infections is President Trump fueling the racial climate in America. This was proven by political analysts when Donald announced, “The National Garden of American Heroes”, and then announced to stop all efforts from Anti-Right Extremists.