American Sportsbooks Announce New Partnerships

Two notable betting brands in the United States of America have announced extended or newly formed partnership contracts. DraftKings first revealed that they’d partnered with MansionBet for an unknown period. The remittance of this contract ensures that casino games offered by MansionBet remain with DraftKings for the foreseeable future. It’s known that the agreement is long-term, with B2B technologies assisting in compliance of payments & anti-fraud protocols. This guarantees that bettors with DraftKings won’t get harmed when competing, which is mostly thanks to MansionBet supporting B2B technologies.

MansionBet benefits in multiple scenarios when partnering with DraftKings. The sportsbetting brand will obtain enhanced customer acquisition, which extends across its sportsbook offers like Horse Racing & Professional Football. Both institutions would praise one another for their capability to sustain customer growth & profits, with DraftKings CEO Shay Berka expressing that the United Kingdom is a competitive market which requires a top-tier operation. CEO Berka mentioned that the Mansion Group & their sportsbook, MansionBet, have proved themselves a top-tier brand deserving of exceptional representation.

This isn’t the first prominent announcement made by DraftKings towards October’s month-end. It was announced in late October that DraftKings is launching in South Africa through a subsidiary brand named PalaceBet. Their decision to release another brand followed after Q2 2020 revenue rose by 24%, creating company-wide profits for investment.

William Hill & Caesars Entertainment Announce Indianapolis Colts Sponsorship

DraftKings isn’t the exclusive brand to confirm their partnership with another American institution. William Hill & Caesars Entertainment announced that they’ve partnered with the Indianapolis Colts, a team in the National Football League. The Indianapolis Colts mark NFL’s first team is supporting sportsbook sponsorship, with most approving of the logical sponsor. It’s expected that this announcement will prompt a flurry of American sportsbooks to engage in negotiations with NFL teams.

An official press release was issued by the Indianapolis Colts, expressing that partnering with Caesar’s Entertainment & William Hill is beneficial for sports bettors supporting the Colts. It’s hoped that through this sponsorship, more lavish betting entertainment can be sustained. It should be clarified that details on the associated cost & completion date of this partnership weren’t revealed.