UK Successful with Coronavirus First Stage Trails

The United Kingdom Government announced that they’re distributing millions of “COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits” after their initial vaccine trials were deemed successful. Details on the vaccine have been made private by UK Parliament, meaning data regarding its process of healing the virus isn’t being made public to other nations.

UK Government agents clarified information regarding how “COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits” will be maintained & distributed. It’s known that tests are managed through bloody samples, which are captured through Finger-Pricks. This method informs the National Health Service if that respective individual had contracted COVID-19 at an accuracy rate of 98.60%. Knowing if that tester has Anti-Bodies takes 24-Hours but is still considered faster than America or Canada.

Oxford University & UK Diagnostic Firms like Alliance Medical assisted with the creation of “COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits”. The United Kingdom Rapid Test Consortium is its official name & kits are being distributed through the National Health Service. The UK Government praised Oxford University for once again proving they’re capable of achieving any scientific goal.

The Professor of Medicine & Head of UK Antibody Testing Programs, Sir John Bell, remarked that the UKRTC Kit is remarkable. Having the capability for any civilian to administer this test with basic instructions is unlike anything else seen in the vaccine community. There have been issues acquiring the volume of test kits needing, creating distribution problems. The United Kingdom requires China’s manufacturing capabilities to sustain a high amount of Kits. Similarly, to face masks, all kits arriving from China have proven ineffective. It’s a blatant attempt at the Communist Chinese Parties attempt not to provide medical assistance to democratic nations.

Concerns Over Lack of Virus Data

Oxford University iterated concern that Antibodies for the coronavirus could prove temporary, with medical experts unaware if immunity is sustained for life. Some instances of COVID-19 seen in America & Canada have resulted in patients reacquiring coronavirus on multiple occasions, with one report suggesting a Canadian woman had the virus eleven times. Medical experts are clarifying that donated antibodies will work towards a finalized vaccine that donators must take to ensure lifelong immunity.