The Seven Types of Sports Betters – Which One Describes You Best?

There are several ways in which punters are described, several main categories into which gamblers are classed. But when it comes to sports betters, there are seven main types. These include the Sharps, the High Rollers, there is also the Status Seekers; some are called the Action Chasers. The remaining two categories are the Casual Dabblers and the Super Fans.

Each of the types has unique ways of betting and decision making so to find out which suits you best, check our list.


  • To find out if you belong in the Sharps category, you would
  • Place medium up to high wagers at the highest frequency
  • Your motivation games mainly form profits
  • You will consider yourself as a profession
  • You’d believe you win more than you lose
  • You’ll bring value to the sportsbook arena by attracting would-be pros and high rollers

High Rollers

  • Are you a high roller? Find out if you qualify according to the description below.
  • You’d place the highest stakes with medium to low frequency
  • You’ll bet either forego or even fun
  • You may gamble in several forms
  • You love table games especially poker
  • You could be profitable to bookmakers
  • Your high-stake betting habit makes your bets valuable – but also expensive

Would-Be Pro

  • What makes you a Would-Be Pro? Could it be you? Find out below
  • Would-pre pro’s place medium to low stakes at high to medium frequency
  • Lifestyle and profits motivate them
  • The only reason they’re not Sharps is a lack of dedication and bankroll
  • If you’re a would-be, you also gamble at casinos
  • They love edge or skill-based games
  • They do try games of chance
  • While they like profits offered by sportsbetting they the ones complaining about promotions


  • If you’re none of the above, you might fall into the category of action-chasers
  • These place medium stakes at medium frequency
  • They enjoy all forms and types of gambling
  • They adore action gambling games such as craps
  • They’re the ones that are profitable to bookies and have cross-sell potential
  • They’re high risk when it comes to problem gambling


If you love all types of sport, then maybe you’re a superfan, if you are this is what you do.

  • You place low wagers at a medium to low frequency
  • You place bets mostly on your favourite teams
  • You have very limited cross-sell potential, and your bets can be profitable to the bookies

Are you maybe a status seeker? Or merely a casual dabbler? It is the only two types left, and next week we will take a look at the characteristics of both. The standards are generalised so it might not be 100% accurate in describing you, but it will come close. Good luck with this week’s sportsbetting!