Swansea City Terminates Gambling Sponsorship Contract

The EFL Championship Series is facing challenges against their advertising legislation, prompting rifts amongst teams in this league. These challenges began when the English Football League announced their consideration towards outlawing betting sponsorships, claiming that sportsbooks are influencing the youth to try-out their services. All online sportsbooks have continually denied these claims, referencing their focus towards adult bettors aged between 25 to 60.

Most football clubs have stood by their sponsorship agreements, with an influx of other teams announcing new partnerships with various sportsbooks. There have been few clubs to officially terminate their betting sponsorship contracts & stand behind EFL Executives in their decision. The latest football club to rally with their corporate division is Swansea City FC. Representatives from Swansea City FC confirmed that they’d cancelled their sponsorship betting agreement with YoBet.

Their home-based University is now sponsoring Swansea City FC. It marks the 1st sponsorship contract in the English Football League that focused around educated, with their primary sponsor now being Swansea University. Updated jerseys will be issued to players before the 2020/21 EFL Championship Campaign begins in mid-September. The universities logo will be present on Swansea City’s home and away jerseys, which is maintained for both the male squad & U23 Ladies variation of this team.

The Head of Commercialism at Swansea City made the formal announcement of YoBet’s removal from their sponsorship listings. Rebecca Edwards evoked excitement towards the acquisition of Swansea University for their primary sponsor, noting that this encapsulates their football clubs’ mentalities. Rebecca revealed it’ll be the first season without a betting brand since 2016, which is highly welcomed amongst EFL Executives. Edwards claimed that there’s nothing better than having local & national support towards a team decision.

Swansea City FC Lies about Support

The support shown towards Swansea City caving towards EFL Executives in their attacks towards online sportsbooks was minimal. Social media responses were primarily negative, with most bettors evoking that they’ll be switching fandom of clubs after their decision. Swansea City FCs desire for an educational sponsor could prove more negative than beneficial. An influx of supportive bettors leaving their loyalty to Swansea City would result in notable losses behind their retail clothing products. Most betting analysts & supporters believe Swansea City FC should reconsider.