Successful Polished Sports Bars

The most successful sports bars have moved well beyond the male-dominated environment that features dozens of big screens. Not to mention a menu that is limited to pub grub and beer.
Upscale Sports bars are quite a new term. The more significant demographic likes the more basic sports bar but still wants a better atmosphere. The original idea of a sports pub is that it needs to offer all the elements in one place. A recent survey found that most sports bar visitors would like these to offers a lot of big screens, great selection of beers, girls and great food. The trendier bars often offer a better menu as well as a broader range of beverages as well as cocktails.

Top 500 Sports Bar Chains

The most successful or top sports bar chains are not only judged according to sales volumes but also percentage growth over the past couple of years. The sports bars category is still small and has sales worth $7.5 billion or unit sales of 2,676. What is important though is that it shows a sales growth of 8.1% and an increase in outlets of around 4.3%. The brands that appeal most to families are Buffalo Wild Wings, which enjoyed a sales increase of 10.5%. Bars popular with younger male clients are Twin Peaks, which had an increase in sales worth 21.6%.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is listed as number 17 in the top 500 Restaurants, and this sports-driven, energetic chain is most known for its boneless wings. Its sports bar menu caters to the taste-buds of the whole family.


Another sports-bar themed restaurant that was listed on the top 500 is Hooters. This male-focussed concept sports bar serves hot wings. It is not classified as a family-diner experience. The Hooters title refers to both the owl on its logo as well as the slang term for women’s breasts. The waiters at Hooters are young women, referred to as the Hooter Girls, which wears revealing outfits. The sports bar employs men as cooks, although all hostesses are women. The menu features several appetisers, sandwiches, seafood dishes, hamburgers and chicken wings are the speciality dish.

Hooter-Girls Uniforms

In 2016 the total number of Hooters location worldwide reached 430, 44 of the sites is in the United States, the rest in 28 other countries. The Hooters Casino Hotel opened in 2006 and is located just off the Las Vegas Strip. The 35,000 square-foot casino part of the Hooters Hotel is trendy, while the hotel also features 696 rooms. As with all Hooters’, the appearance of the girls remains the main selling point.

The girl’s uniforms are the same across the chain and include white tank tops with orange runner’s shorts. The female contract employees need to sign, includes wearing the Hooters uniform. While one of the duties is to entertain and interact with the customers, it also states that the concept of Hooters is based on female sex appeal.