Success Means Different Things to Different Folk – PART ONE

Success means something entirely different to each of us. But what remains the same in the casino world is that no gambler does not wish to hit a huge payout with the roll of a dice.

Every watcher is charmed by scenes in films showing the main character as the lucky one who leaves the casino with a massive bag filled with his winnings. In real life, there is also a long list of casino-heroes that crushes the tables and move the casinos stunned by the amounts they had to payout.

Bright Examples of What Success Means at Online & Land-Based Casinos

So if you do decide to test your luck at either online casinos or your local casino, it is always good to have a few examples of what could happen. This is possible when you look at those whose skills lead to the most historic wins. But who are these lucky winners, and how did they do it?

Archie Karas A Greek American also A Famous High Roller that Enjoyed a Desirable Winning Streak.

There is a reason why most players now know his name, Archie Karas is Greek and an American. But that is not what his fame is all about; it is about him being a high roller that enjoyed the most a desirable winning streak. His visit to Sin City that ended in a lucky streak of winnings took place in 1992. Still, it remains one of the greatest.

Karas was not one of the lucky ones that inherited fortunes or made lots of cash as a successful businessman. No, he had to borrow $10,000 from his friend before he set out to chase dream wins. He was an amateur poker player, and with the borrowed cash, he made his profits at the Binion’s Horseshoe. The poker game he played had other well-known players in it; you might even know them it was Texas Dolly, Stu Ungar and Chip Reese.

A Bold Decision – How Do An Amateur Enter A Game Against Texas Dolly, Stu Ungar and Chip Reese?

Indeed it was probably the boldest move ever although Karas shocked everyone when he claimed his legendary statues and won $17 million. In the history of gambling, he ensured that his name will remain and what is part of his success story is that it is the most unbelievable of all.

But do winners cash out and go home? Or do they stay with the hope to win even more? Archie Karas decided to take the last option and took his $17 million and started placing huge bets worth $100,000 on a single roll in craps. When luck is on your side what could go wrong, so after his winning streak continues, the casino allowed him to place bets worth up to $300,000.

Archie Karas Win More and The Bet Limit Gets Increased to $300,000 Per Roll on Craps.

Yes, anyone would get nervous that Karas might have overplayed his hand, but truth be told he made a million dollars every time he rolled. Such luck drives even the most experienced players crazy. But Karas knew it was now or never and he enjoyed every bit of luck that was on his side. The friend who borrowed him the $10,000 he repaid with a bit of gratitude added, so he gave him $40 million.