RWC – The Odds and the Favourites

The Rugby World Cup is set to kick off in a matter of days. Much anticipation is filling the air with excitement and hope, but also the promise of high earnings from the bookmakers. Sports betting is taking a dangerous turn towards rugby every four years and now is the time to know the predictions, the facts and the forecasts. So, with only a few days left before the world meets up at a total of 12 places across Japan, when 20 teams will battle it out for the coveted Webb Ellis Cup from 20 September until 2 November, in a total of 48 matches, what are the predictions?

The All Blacks – RWC Winner Odds 11/8

Over the past decades the All Blacks have already been successful in lifting the Trophy in 1987, 2011 and again in 2015, but will they be able to take it twice in a row? Some sources believe that they will be triumphant once again, yet they aren’t arriving in Japan as the world’s number one team. Currently, Ireland is standing in the privileged position, and without a doubt, they are most definitely a threat to the All Blacks World Cup success. Along with England and South Africa, Ireland is a challenge which the All Blacks will be facing on their journey to much-desired repeated success. Many do feel that winning the RWC might be post-phoned for the All Blacks for another four years.

England – RWC Winner Odds 5/1

The English team travelling to Japan is one which has been able to gear up in a brilliant way for the challenge. They show versatility in their play and seems to be coping brilliantly with problems on the field. Over the past couple of months, they have shown a magnificent display of what they are capable of, and 2019 has been an excellent year for them thus far.

South Africa – RWC Winner Odds 9/2

After a very embarrassing loss against the hosting team during 2015, South Africa is adamant about recovering from that. They have been improving significantly in their deliverance and is genuinely a team which has been going from one strength to the next over the past couple of months. The Springboks are a relatively young team, and this might be the perfect time for them to shine once again. Therefore, many are willing to place much more than only their hopes in the Boks winning this year’s final.

Ireland – RWC Winner Odds of 10/1

Currently, in brilliant shape, one must remember that this team has never been able to get further than the quarterfinals in the RWC. Surely, they must be driven by more than their excellent skills and brilliant play to take them more also this time around. After so many efforts and not succeeding, this team is coming to Japan with a hunger to achieve. 2019 might most definitely be their time to lift the Webb Ellis Trophy high for Ireland.