Lockdown Period in New Zealand Possibly Lifted

The Prime Minister of New Zealand confirmed that their nation had approached the beginning of the end with coronavirus. This follows after the country implemented social distancing measures before their western peers, allowing for the infection to spread about their citizens barely. Reports from this region haven’t regularly specified that lockdown protocols in New Zealand were severe, with politicians treating every civilian as an already infected patient. These substantial measures allowed the disease to be contained, stopping high death percentages.

Medical experts from the NZ Region mentioned that the rate of infections had dropped drastically in recent weeks, with their death toll being the lowest of any western nation. Last week saw nine civilians pass away from the novel coronavirus, with the overwhelming majority being elderly. Confirmation on data has enabled the Prime Minister of New Zealand to begin assessing if lockdown protocols can be lifted. It’d allow for civilians to return to Non-Essential Life, except for being travelling.

Jacinda Ardern expressed that New Zealand has accomplished a challenge no other western civilization managed. The elimination of coronavirus hasn’t been possible with our brother and sister nations, with everyone in government thanking our civilians for respecting the social distancing measures. Acting as New Zealand’s long-term prime minister, Jacinda did specify that lockdown protocols will be lifted slowly to ensure the publics safety. Any sign of increased infections will prompt the lockdown to be re-initiated.

Individuals are criticizing the Prime Minister on her remarks, believing that any form of lockdown protocols being lifted will come at a high economic cost. Potentially opening non-essential services could relaunch the novel coronavirus into New Zealand society, prompting the continued closure of their borders. These critics also mentioned that COVID-19 would have relaxed periods throughout the summer months, with the virus inevitably returning throughout the winter season. This pattern will continue until vaccines are distributed to global civilians.

It should be noted that New Zealand was scientific in its approach to the novel coronavirus. While most leaders in western nations ignored the unprecedented conditions of COVID-19, Jacinda Ardern didn’t. She stands as the only female prime minister in a western country in 2020, showing that women can benefit their people in drastic ways.