Human Nature is The Biggest Opponent – Not the Other Guy

Muhammed Ali is one of the sports legends that openly acknowledge that he hated every single second of training. What kept this athlete going was his own decision never to quit. He promised himself during training that if he continued to suffer through it, he would be able to live the rest of his life like and as a champion. Ali was once asked how many sit-up’s he did in a training session, he answered that he never counts from the start, only from the time it starts hurting. The more he could do when it was hurting the closer, he believed he was to become a champion.

You Won’t Get What You Wish for Only That What You Work For

Impossible, according to Ali, is only a word, one used by men who finds it too hard to push a little harder. Instead of acknowledging their weakness, they use the word impossible. It is only an opinion never a fact. Still, it is a word that is only temporary. You can out train its meaning and drop the first two letters. Jack Dempsey’s explanation of a champion adds to the belief of Ali, as it says that the definition of a winner is the guy who continues to get up even when he knows it is not possible.

Never is only an Illusion

Michael Jordon is one of the most known sports legends, and he once shared in an interview that he missed over 9,000 shots during his career. He also lost more than 300 games; He was the one trusted to make the winning shot in the game more than twenty-six times when he missed. He suffered many failures, more than he wants to remember and the only way he succeeded was by training more and his decision to continue playing. It’s a mindset set thing. All great athletes agree that if you lose you accept it, you continue to push until you finally win, the secret to success remains solid, never quit.

If the Opponent is too Stubborn to Give Up – It’s Impossible to Beat Him

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an excellent example of how far you can push yourself in sports and life. He believes that there is only one limit and your mindsets. Derek Jeter quickly agrees that there is always someone more talented than you, what he feels is a sure guarantee of winning is to know that there is no excuse when you allow someone else to beat you because he worked harder than you. Babe Ruth once said that it is impossible to defeat an athlete that is too stubborn to give up. One of the most famous sayings by athletes is that the workout you missed was the only bad workout you will ever have. Every one of us has the gift to be great, and if we give less than our fit, we sacrifice something great according to Tony Duffy.