Florida Experiencing Unsuccessful Downward Spiral with COVID-19

The Florida Department of Health provided the 5th day of increased infections for COVID-19. Percentages increased tenfold after earlier this week, the FDOH announcing three to four thousand new infections per day. That changes on July 12th with Florida medical experts confirming 15,299 cases of COVID-19.

This number is higher than any other reports seen since January 2020 when COVID-19 outbroke in China. Florida exceeded New York State by becoming the Global Peak Epidemic Zone, which hasn’t stopped multiple professional sporting outfits from resuming their operations. Major League Soccer and the National Basketball League have both confirmed an exceptional level of infections. Two teams have departed from the “MLS is Back Tournament”, and many others are slated to follow.

Florida continues to be unsuccessful in their fight against the coronavirus. Their state-wide cases will have past 270+ thousand after July 13th. This infection count is higher than what was seen throughout France, Italy, and Spain. It was months ago that Italy was considered the Global Peak Epidemic Zone. Nobody anticipated that a single state in America would exceed those numbers.

18,000 Florida civilians are hospitalized with COVID-19. That number is suspected to surpass 25+ thousand by July 17th if current infection counts are sustained. It’s known that an additional 45 Floridians died on July 11th, bringing their total number of deaths to 4346. That number is suspected to be higher with medical records showing an influx of life-threatening heart attacks, lung failure, and liver failure. These are all longstanding effects associated with COVID-19.

No Restrictions from Ron DeSantis

143,000 Florida civilians were tested on July 11th, with confirmed results hitting a percentage of 11.25%. That number would jump notably in less than 24 hours, with the Florida Department of Health announcing a rate of 18.35%. Most aren’t anticipating that percentage to lower after Ron DeSantis, the Florida Republic Governor, announced that masks wouldn’t be mandated.

This means civilians are free to traverse open areas & retail locations without the requirement of face masks. Some counties have overruled over their Governor & enacted jurisdiction-wide face mask mandates. These counties included Broward and Miami-Dade, who have both reported an influx of arrests from uncomplying civilians. What happens next will be dependant on local politicians wanting to save their neighbours & fellow mans life.