Dutch Arcades Must Remove Slots Under KSA Orders

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has implemented shocking legislation that’ll drastically change how young adults are introduced to betting. Netherlands Gambling Authority announced that arcades could not sustain slot machines or any game of chance. This legislation has been enacted to protect family environments like arcade venues & cinemas. However, for arcade operators, this announcement will remove a prominent aspect of monthly profits during the financially down spiralling period of COVID-19.

Netherlands Gambling Authority received legislative support with the “Family Entertainment Centers of Nederland”. FEC Nederland governs over arcades in Dutch-speaking nations. Arcade operators received formal notice from FEC & the NGA that slot machines must be removed effective immediately. Additionally, any games of chance must also be pulled off location.

NGA Executives clarified that authoritative position over slot machines in arcades had been lost to time. Initially, the Netherlands Gambling Authority had terminated the usage of slot machines & games of chance during the 1960s. The “1964 Games of Chance Act” made these methods of gaming illegal in arcades, amusement parks, and cinema entertainment facilities. That legislative order had been forgotten & overruled with other labour laws. The Netherlands Gambling Authority has officially reimplemented legislation from its founders.

Executives with the Netherlands Gambling Authority evoked that slot machines & games of chance have changed tenfold in recent decades. What initially was meant for entertainment purposes has turned into a method of addiction. The NGA cannot support any variation of addiction with young adults. It should be noted that Researchers with the NGA had compiled evidence over twelve-months, revealing that arcades were grounds to create problem gamblers in future settings as adults.

NGA Requests

The Netherlands Gambling Authority has also requested that FEC Nederland begin monitoring the interactions of arcades & casinos while reviewing that each location had adequately removed slot machines or games of chance. The NGA is demanding monetization of these arcades. Most aren’t aware that throughout the Netherlands, young adults prominently engage with arcades similar to America in the 80s. Regulation over this setting is required & judge approval towards NGA/FEC orders has been given. It means arcades have no choice but to listen or face legal punishment.