Dunder Announces UK Departure

The United Kingdom is losing another operator in the fallout of COVID-19 & restrictions from the UKGC. It was announced on October 11th that Dunder is leaving the UK betting marketplace by October 31st. The Malta-established operator didn’t provide details regarding their departure. However, financial losses associated with UKGC restrictions & the COVID-19 pandemic are likely the cause of Dunders departure. Their marketplace position was minimal in-comparison to largescale operators like William Hill & Ladbrokes.

Dunder is operated & owned by MT SecureTrade, one of the more prominent gaming groups in Malta. Their announcement surprised dedicated players of Dunder Casino, with media partners requesting an outline of their “Phase Out Initiative”. It’s unknown how MT SecureTrade will resolve UK business agreements with their media partners. Regardless, details were provided to their partners during an Investment Meeting. Below are the measures that’ve been implemented to ensure a smooth & thorough transition to closure.

  • Advertising Inventory, Affiliates, and Media Partners will lose casino-placement on October 15th. UK betting activities will begin shutting down, with slots slated to be the final service to go offline at Dunder casino.
  • Deposits & Player Registrations from the United Kingdom won’t be accepted effective immediately. Bettors with available balance funds have until October 31st at 11:59 am to spend their remaining casino credits.
  • MT SecureTrade has altered the withdraw conditions at Dunder Casino. There is an official £3.00 threshold implemented on all UK bettors.MT SecureTrade confirmed that Dunder casinos wagering engagements, withdrawal services, and login options would be disabled on October 31st.

The closure of Dunder casino is disappointing for thousands of bettors in the United Kingdom. MT SecureTrade found significant success with Dunder casino in the Scandinavian markets, prompting the launch of their expansion into the United Kingdom. Similar success wouldn’t ever be matched, and after two years of failed expectations, MT SecureTrade has terminated Dunder casino. It should be noted that the Scandinavian version of Dunder remains operational.

Dedicated supporters of Dunder casino have evoked criticism towards the withdraw threshold implemented by MT SecureTrade. High rollers needing to remove their high bankrolls are being forced into a challenging position. Overcoming the £3 threshold will be impossible with support services already disabled at Dunder.