Accomplishment Has A Dissimilar Meaning to Each of Us – PART TWO

Success does mean different things to us all; some of us want tons of cash; others desire expensive things. It is also the primary motivation behind buying a lottery card or playing at online or land-based casinos. With enough money in our pocket, we can make most of our dreams come true.

Tales of success or knowing what others achieved is like a recipe; it shows us what you could make should you enjoy success. The Recipe is a story that tells you what the other person used to bake the best cottage pie or the most beautiful chocolate cake. In gambling, that recipe says you what the punter started with, what betting decisions he made, and what the result was.

The Betting Recipe of William Lee Bergstrom

The main ingredients might be both how bold and brave William Lee Bergstrom was when he was one of the most average real estate agents. He was selling houses for a living and had been since 1974. Nothing about his life stood out, but that was only until that one particular day. The special day for Bergstrom came when Benny Binion said that every single player that step foot in his casino and make a bet, he would personally match.

It made William Bergstrom curious when it heard about it all and what he did first was to confirm that it was true. He phoned Benny and asked him for confirmation, his question to the owner of the Horseshoe Casino was, if I place a bet worth $1 million, will you match it.

Bergstrom Wanted Benny to Agree to Match a Bet Worth $1 Million

Binion instantly agrees to match any bet even when it reached an amount of $1 million. Bergstrom started gathering all the money he could get his hands on and then placed $777,000 in a suitcase; he also grabbed an empty bag before he leapt faith.

As he arrived at the casino with a suitcase filled with $777,000 in cash, he changed it all for casino chips; he even apologized to the croupier for not having a million rand to place as a bet. The number he played was six as well as two hooter rolls on 7. Bergstrom won $1,554,000, and Binion was informed of the win, he congratulated the winner and even helped him pack the cash back into the suitcase.

Ted Binion, the son of Binion, showed Bergstrom to his car, and he left, never to be seen or heard of again. But with such luck, can you honestly never try your luck at betting still? It took many years but n 1984, Bergstrom was back, and his $538,000 bet-placing action won. Again, he had a winning streak and won big, followed by him disappearing again.

William Bergstrom Wanted to Bet $1 Million When it All Started.

Indeed, the whole thing did start with William Bergstrom, who wanted to place a bet worth $1 million. So, before the end of 1984, back he came, and this time, he went for what he wanted to do all along. He placed a bet worth $1 million, but 6 was maybe not his lucky number this time as the first roll landed on 7. Bergstrom left the casino and never came back; he earned the name as the man with the suitcase, and he was never seen again.