$795 Million Wagered on Betfair for US Election

Thousands of bettors throughout the United Kingdom & the United States are likely disappointed after November 11th. Digital sportsbooks witnessed a high percentage of wagers for the 2020 US Election, with players placing bets on which candidate they thought would stand victorious. For those that wagered President Donald Trump would obtain a second term, the night proved disappointing & then positive for bettors that selected Presential Candidate Joe Biden. Constituents in America that chose Trump felt anger similar to the President, knowing they’d lost finances associated with the Election results.

Flutter Entertainment is a prominent operator in the United Kingdom & the United States, with multiple brands under their management. Betfair is an operational brand from Flutter Entertainment, which holds prominence in global markets like America & Great Britain. Representatives revealed with Flutter Entertainment that $795 Million (£600 Million) had been wagered on Betfair alone.

It’s estimated that three million wagers were engaged 24 Hours between November 10th to 11th. Flutter Entertainment revealed the abundance of stakes selected Donald Trump, leading analysts to believe bettors suspected another hacking of the Presidential Election. Hacks were avoided in 2020 through mail-in ballots, permitting Joe Biden to become America’s next President by January.

2016 vs 2020

Flutter Entertainment gave details regarding their Presidential Election wagers for 2016, which saw Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton battle for dominance. Trump would win following the Russian Government hacking America’s 2016 Election. Four years prior, Betfair received £250 Million in wagers. It shows that growth on political betting has increased by 55% over four years. Analysts anticipate wagers to sustain standard volumes of £250 to £300 Million with the 2024 Election, as Donald Trump evoked international attention for running the American Presidential Office as a reality show. Regardless, those that wagered on Joe Biden are permitted to acquire their winnings from Betfair.